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Translating Print Into Web

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, consumers are reading more than ever, processing thousands of words via text, social media, email... basically everything, except print. This means print publishers need to go digital and compete for attention to stay relevant, amidst an ever-growing influx of content being churned out. With Singapore's Child, our challenge was to come up with a beautiful, responsive design optimised for readability, while still reflecting the brand's print origins.

Designed for Function

As a monthly magazine for today's busy parents, content is the heart of Singapore's Child. Keeping in mind the user experience, we intentionally designed the site with a focus on readability to ensure a seamless transition of stories from ink to pixels.


With most parents reading articles on-the-go, quotes designed to stand out visually makes it easier for readers to get the big idea with a glance.

Photo Gallery

Beautiful pictures are the heart of visual stories. With photo galleries that adapt responsively to the screen size, viewers can enjoy them in pixel perfection.


Lists are a great way to feed bite-sized information to readers, allowing them to skim through and get the information they need easily.
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Typography and Readibility

From the choice of the font to the line spacing, every detail was studied. The goal was to make digital reading pleasurable for the audience. Whitespace was intentionally introduced to make it easier to focus on the content at hand, while carefully considered line spacing reduced excessive movement of the eyes, keeping readers in the flow.
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Responsive Design

Keeping in mind the habits of today's parents, we tested the site rigorously to ensure that it is accessible and optimised for various smaller devices.

Little Delights

It's the small things that give a personal touch. Acknowledging the inner child within parents, we added simple animations to the site to make their stay that more pleasurable.
Latest stories previewplane animation
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Shaping The Brand

As we worked on this project, we learnt a lot about bringing the print experience to the digital realm. From understanding the needs of the audience to intentionally designing delightful, little cues, the end product of this project is something that we're proud of — a complementary web, print and mobile experience that not only looks but reads beautifully.
singapore's child previewsingapore's child preview

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