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Embracing a Mobile-First approach to Design

Traditionally, Websites are designed for Desktops first before being scaled down for Mobile Devices. With the majority (55%) of all Web Traffic now coming from Mobile Devices, we challenged the status quo by adopting a Mobile-First approach to design. Besides, it always proves more natural to scale up an experience than to numb one down. It’s obvious then that Mobile-First will play a significant role in the future of Design.

The Neighbours First Website was intentionally designed to be Responsive in nature - as the Browser shrinks, the design adapts accordingly to accommodate the smaller Display in real-time. This ensured that the Website didn’t have to function as a separate Mobile site altogether, thereby halving the effort required to maintain a content-heavy Website. Neighbours First is a truly immersive Storytelling experience that snugly fits into your palm of your hand.

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Every Medium. Considered.

Good stories are told in many forms


In crafting up a truly immersive experience, the Neighbours First Website was designed to cater for the use of full width video backgrounds. By utilising Content Delivery Networks like Amazon S3, rich media is used to enhance the overall experience.


Photos are presented in various display formats to better complement and enhance the storytelling experience. Easily implementable full-width Background Images, Carousels and Galleries help POSB take their stories to the next level.


Typography for long-form Articles are designed to adhere to a ’75 character per line’ rule. This makes reading easier on the eyes by introducing whitespace that effectively reduces the need for excessive eye movement between each line of text.

Reads Beautifully

Behind every page turner lies meticulously considered Typography
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By narrowing the page margins, we were able to better guide a Reader's eyes down a more linear, less horizontal path. This provides for a more natural reading experience, thereby enabling the design to disappear and the content to take centerstage - hence unlocking the sweet spot where true immersion occurs.

Intelligent. By Design.

An excellent Website is one that's aesthetically pleasing and yet able to live up to the functional demands that are required of it.
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The design promotes content sustainability by encouraging Users to submit their stories.

The Future is Social

It’s no longer a one-way street when it comes to communication. Social Media opens up a myriad of possibilities for brands to better connect and engage with their audiences. Social Share buttons are 'stickied' to the right of an Article to greatly increase the visibility of these buttons regardless of a User's scroll position. In embracing this, POSB was able to achieve higher Clickthrough Rates resulting in more shares per article.
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posb site preview
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