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Interactive. Immersive.

E-commerce sites are taking over physical stores, as consumers are increasingly taking their shopping online. With e-commerce sales expected to grow to 70% on mobile by 2017, sites now have to be responsive design-wise, while providing a consistent experience as users jump between screens. When O+ came to us, their vision was simple: to breakaway from traditional storefronts, and put choices back into the hands of their consumers.
Traditionally, getting a new pair of eyewear means heading down to a store to find the right frame that would sit perfectly on your head. But interested buyers won’t be able to feel the frames in person before purchasing, so their decision process would be influenced by their experience of the site. We had to consider the sales process and integrate their offline store seamlessly with the online one, while optimising for conversion. Our solution: a responsive end-to-end e-commerce site focused on the customer experience, with meaningful interactive elements weaved in between.
Product names are hidden one layer behind each image, giving off a feel reminiscent of the product themselves.

Designing with Depth

O+ believes in embracing individuality, so we took a cue from that and crafted a unique, interactive visual experience that gives users control over how they view the site. Whether they view the products in a grid or linear format, we've made sure their user experience will stay constant — even if they view it from different devices.

Stories come in many forms, but the great ones give users an insight into a world they've never experienced before. By presenting O+'s creation process from design to end product through video, viewers can better appreciate the work that has gone into making a quality product. Seeing is believing.

Every Brand Has A Story To Tell

Consumers today are savvy. It's no longer a one-way communication process, from brand to the customer. It's about creating a connection from the first moment they land on the page — before they even think about making a purchase on any e-commerce site. Through beautifully crafted pictures complemented by thoughtful design, we weaved the threads of their story together to frame a memorable experience for O+'s audience.
People want to identify with meaningful stories — and that's where great design comes in.
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o+ collection page
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Responsive Design


Designed to Scale

With most people doing their online shopping from their mobiles, this means that the e-commerce website has to adapt accordingly for the size of the screen it's being displayed on. Through intelligent design, we consider each element carefully to create a seamless experience that both looks and feels good.

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