From Code Ninjas to Pixel Perfectionists, we are a digital Powerhouse of infinite posibilities.
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At Fixx Digital, we don’t play it safe. We push boundaries.

We are a team of creative thinkers and makers, passionate about crafting seamless digital experiences across multiple platforms. We believe in creating exceptional work — no cookie-cutter templates here. Together, we’ll take you beyond your comfort zone and create meaningful, empowering solutions.


Located in sunny Singapore.
Got a problem you can’t figure out? Our experts - from technical to design to strategy - are here to assist.


Rooted in Expertise.

Guided by our combined experiences, we don’t make decisions lightly. You’ll see our works speak for themselves.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
Henry Ford

People Over Profits

It’s not about the money, money, money.

As cheesy as it sounds, our people are the heart and soul of what keeps us going forward. When they flourish, we achieve great things — together.

Challenge the Status Quo.

Raise the bar.

We don’t believe in: “It’s always been done this way.” We believe in: Striving to be better, or risk becoming irrelevant.

We Speak Human.

Keep it real. People are people.

It’s all about the human connection, at the end of the day. Sincerity shines through, and let’s be honest: We know when you’re faking it.

Exceptional. Not Expendable.

Quality over quantity.

We’ll never do things for the sake of it. Our goal is simple: To produce innovative yet elegant and creative products. Less, as they say, is always more.

Curiosity Breeds Creativity.

Be inquisitive.

How do you come up with innovative solutions? Start by asking questions. And if you don’t like the answers, create something better.

Work To Live

Not the other way around.

We believe Life comes first. Those little Moments in our lives inspire creativity and recharges our energy. And that’s when the magic begins.


darren lee managing director

Darren Lee

Managing Director

When it comes to Darren, saying "he’s passionate about design" would be putting it mildly. Often found with a Coke Zero and dressed in black, Darren oversees the studio’s growth and brings in projects for the team to work on. A fan of all things Apple, his dream is to raise the bar of design in Singapore.

vanessa tan business director

Vanessa Tan

Business Director

Don't let her petite frame fool you because she is way stronger than she looks. With experiences at big brands and companies, Vanessa heads the Business Development team which keeps the agency running strong and growing steadily. When she is off duty, you can find her carrying her 14kg daughter around effortlessly (we told you she's strong).

catherine irma art director

Catherine Irma

Art Director

She is our resident Cat. When she is not cracking a pun or sunbathing on a beach, you can find Cat immersed in her designs, and guiding her team of designers who produces some of the best works in the industry. With a decade long of design experience, Cat is undeniably the benchmark of quality.